Brand Identity & Logos

Bitches Be Backpackin'
I was tasked with designing a camp-style logo for a women's backpacking group that reflected their fun, adventurous, sarcastic spirit.
Trimazing Health & Lifestyle Coaching
I was tasked with designing a logo that represented the client's Vegan Lifestyle Coaching business using vibrant colors and incorporating her signature which is a frog.
Altamont Farms
A fun, modern take on a vintage farm logo for a family run farm that features honey, eggs, poultry, beef, pork and much more. We decided to make several versions of this design that featured the different products.
The Tilted Tudor
A quirkly logo for an assemblage jewelry and vintage finds shop on etsy.
By Way Of The Sea
The client wanted a logo for their ocean sailing blog that had an etched feel. I was able to create the sea monster style design that resembled an Edward Dory etching.
Genesis Credit
The old logo was stuck in the 1980s, so I updated to a clean lined font and updated from the teal of the old design to a vivid green.
This logo design was created as a mashup when Cascade Sciences merged with Emerald Sciences.
Cascade Sciences Doggie Dash
I had fun playing on the design of Cascade Sciences' logo, but changed it up with a sweet homage to all the employee's love of doggos for the annual Doggie Dash benefiting the Humane Society.
Hart & Thistle
I was honored to create a family crest for my wonderful friend Jen and her husband to celebrate their union.
Mermaid Camp
The client asked for a logo for her new business venture that was bold and feminine. I had fun illustrating a mermaid that has a sense of whimsy but could appeal to a wide audience.
Oregon Wild Swimming
A group of open water swimmers wanted a logo they could use for their Facebook page as well as merchandise like hats, towels, etc.. I was asked to design something that reflected the great outdoors of Oregon.
Sadowitz Veterinary Acupuncture
I developed a logo, business cards and flyer for Sandy Sadowitz. She wanted a theme that could help demystify the elusive nature of veterinary acupuncture for the average client, so we explored using Bigfoot.
City of Wilsonville Logo
I was invited by the City of Wilsonville to submit design concepts for their new logo. They were looking for a new logo that better reflected their diverse and growing community, while paying homage to nature and their agricultural roots. My designs were chosen for the final round in the decision making process, but in the end I was the runner-up for the final logo. It was a great experience and I enjoyed presenting my designs to the City Council.
Mr. Karma
My client is developing a brand and website centered around good deeds. She is gamifying the concept to make good-doing fun. She wanted a logo/icon that represented that in a fun way. We came up with the purple genie monkey and I had fun with the design. I wanted him to be fun, a bit cheeky and make you smile when you saw him.
RnR Cryotherapy Logo
My client is starting a new Cryotherapy business and asked me to create her logo. She wanted something that had a sort of rustic-industrial vibe that would fit the industrial space they were designing for the practice.
I designed this logo for a client that is developing a friend-finder app. He wanted something bright and cheerful that represented how the app worked - people with the app can find friends nearby with similar interests.
Bey + Eloise Apparel Logo
The owner of a new South Carolina retail store wanted a logo that would reflect the sophisticated and fun style of her store. I needed to create a logo that was feminine, but not girly that would appeal to her mid 20s to 40s client demographic.
The client needed a logo for his multi-faceted business called Tell Us What You Need. He needed a clean simple logo that incorporated a lot of text so I focused on the hierarchy of the initials then used the full name spelled out as a tagline of sorts.
Coronado Law Office
A new law firm was looking for a simple, clean logo that represented her last name, "Coronado" which means crown.
Concorso Italiano
I was asked to create several ideas for a 30th anniversary logo for Concorso Italiano, a California based luxury car show.
Naked Goddess Swim
I created the logo and other creative assets like flyers and their Facebook page for the Naked Goddess Swim. This is a fundraising swim where mere mortal women shed their suits and inhibitions to swim as Goddesses in the full moonlight - and raise money for breast cancer research.
Clackamas Cove Triathlon
The Clackamas Cove Triathlon was a new event started in 2013 by a fellow triathlete. He asked me to design the logo, website, postcards, brochures and race t-shirts. I developed the entire brand identity for the race.
Hagg Lake Swim & Paddle Board Race
The Portland Tri Club recently acquired the Hagg Lake Open Water Race Series. I designed a new logo for them that was more up to date and in keeping with the club's style and colors and incorporated the new Stand Up Paddle Board races.
Holy City Fit Chicks
I was asked to design a new logo for a Charleston, SC based fitness company. Charleston is known as the "Holy City" so they wanted to incorporate the moon and palm tree from the South Carolina flag into their design with vibrant contrasting colors.
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