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TWB Annual Report
The non-profit organization, Translators Without Borders came to me to design their annual report. They wanted something unique, so we created an infographic style for the entire thing. The report was well received within the group and has received praise from the heads of companies they work with, as well.
LifeCycle Adventures Itineraries
I tapped into nearly every style guide tool available to create these itinerary templates for a cycle touring company. I created paragraph and character styles, utilized InCopy to develop external text files for terms & conditions, hotel and destination copy as well as photos and created a central image bank with easy-to-use file name conventions. The client can edit common copy and carry the updates across all docs. They were thrilled with the look as well as the detailed level of automation.
Smart Hustle Magazine Summer 2016
This was the project that started a great working relationship with this client. I was asked to design the next issue of a magazine he’s been working on. I took the basic framework of the previous issue and totally redesigned the magazine, giving it the signature style it has now. I gave it better font choices, a color style guide and used better quality images and story layouts. I designed the entire 32-page magazine cover to cover.
Smart Hustle Magazine Special Edit.
The client was speaking at a conference and asked me to design a special edition of the magazine for it. We kept some of the original stories and ads, then designed a new cover and article featuring the conference’s name sake. Since the only photos we had were black and white, I carried that theme through the article and cover.
Saunder's Best Magazine
I worked with the client to layout several issues of various luxury real estate magazines for the Florida market. This publication featured homes offered by one particular high end real estate firm, plus articles and local amenities.
The Greenbrier Companies Brochure
Their management team wanted a new brochure to help them sell their services to potential clients. I carried the same design style that I developed for their tradeshow catalogs and incorporated elements of their new logo design into the layout.
The Greenbrier Companies Catalog
I was asked to create a catalog for a tradeshow the company would be attending in Dubai. It needed to be clean, sophisticated and feature large dynamic images. We opted for a long horizontal layout to best feature the train images. We also created a second version. We had the catalog translated into Arabic and reworked the layout to read right to left.
WEI Program Guide Template
I was asked to completely redesign the program guide for Western Energy Institute for their upcoming conferences. Their original design was a basic business-style template that had been used for years. I was able to create a more sophisticated look that reflected changes made to their website. I was also able to reorganize the information, allowing conference attendees to much more easily find what they need.
Traveler's Advantage Magazine
Traveler's Advantage produced a bi-monthly travel magazine which included feature articles and a luxury travel section. At the request of Traveler's Advantage, I provided the creative direction and style guide for these inserts and executed all designs each month. I designed anywhere from 8-16 page sections for each publication.
MotoSport Catalog
I provided both hands-on design as well as creative direction for a complete redesign of the 50- and 100-page MotoSport catalogs. The new look mirrors the design-style I worked to create on their website, better aligning the advertising across all channels. I wanted to incorporate more dynamic images to create excitement for the enthusiast market and better highlight specific brands and products.
Geerlings & Wade Catalog
I art directed the cover photoshoots, designed the page layouts and provided custom illustrations for the seasonal wine catalogs for Geerlings & Wade, a fine wine direct mail company. These catalogs were produced 4 times a year and had to be adjusted with custom content to accommodate the various state regulations.
BJ's Wholesale Club Catalog
This catalog was a complete redesign for all BJ's Wholesale Club's travel kiosks. These were twice a year books that highlighted the best vacation and cruise deals of the season. These books were designed to be distributed to clubs as well as mailed to top customers.
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Butter & Bacon Cookbook
I designed this cookbook for a client that cooks everything with distilled spirits. I worked closely with them to create the book bindery design from scratch, so it laid flat for easy use and made paper choices that would stand up to kitchen use. I was also asked to create a custom watercolor painting that stretched across the front and back covers. This book actually won first prize at the Print Rocks regional competition in the bindery category.
SolarWorld Photo Book
I designed this photo book, chronicling the history of SolarWorld. The fun part was designing and calculating how to build the foldout timeline. I worked closely with the printer to design and print this piece. It's a nice case bound book full of lots of colorful photos.
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